Old Winters

This is the time of year that the Old Farmer’s Almanac comes out with their winter forecast.  Someone shared their forecast with me earlier this week.  It was an odd forecast mentioning the words numb and shoveling.  A forecast like that can’t be wrong, as the northern plains gets snow and cold weather every year. … Read more Old Winters

Corn Syrup

The Arctic air masses, like the one currently over the region and will get reinforced in the coming days from a meteorological perspective are always fascinating to watch.  I like to think of arctic air being so cold and in turn dense somewhat acting like corn syrup.  It tends to move slowly with different locations… Read more Corn Syrup

Coldest So Far

In the past few days, the lowest temperatures measured from an NDAWN, North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, station was -36 degrees at the Alamo, North Dakota station.  The second lowest was -34 at the Fortuna, Portal and Adams stations.  Although there is no denying those temperatures are extremely cold, the lack of a deeper snow… Read more Coldest So Far

Southern Snow

There was a significant blizzard to our south on Sunday into Sunday night.  The storm stretch from Kansas and Nebraska through southern Iowa to Chicago.   Certainly not all areas, but double digit snow totals occurred with the storm as well as wind gusts over 50 miles per hour with even a few locations recorded gusts… Read more Southern Snow

Winter is Coming

Based on my Twitter feed, apparently the Farmer’s Almanac has come out with a winter forecast.  This forecast supposedly is for a Teeth Chattering cold winter.  Considering the warmest winters on record in these parts the average temperature is around 20 degrees and a winter temperature around 12 degrees would be considered average.  Therefore, no… Read more Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Because we live in a cold dominated climate, September is the month when the question of what is expected this winter comes up frequently.  I have already been asked that question more times than I can remember.  Although the winter of 2016-2017 started off cold and snowy, overall, much of North Dakota recorded the 4th… Read more Winter is Coming