The Missing 100s

About one month ago I wrote a blog on the lack of 90° days this year.  With so few 90° readings recorded in the state of North Dakota this year (and many other states as well) it will be of no surprise that 100° readings would also be lacking this year.  In fact, 2014 looks to be only the second year since 1893 without a single 100° temperature reported in North Dakota.  The warmest temperature in 2014 so far was a 99° high at the Williston Airport on July 5.

2014 temps
Highest temperatures in in North Dakota during 2014


2014 will likely end up being only the second year since 1893 (when good North Dakota records are available) without a high temperature in the triple digits somewhere in North Dakota.  The only other year without a 100° reading was in 1993.

Highest Temperature per year in North Dakota
Highest Temperature per year in North Dakota


In the graph above there has been a slight decrease in over all average maximum temperature in North Dakota since the late 1880s.  This is partially attributed to the wet phase the state has been in since 1993. Increased moisture means wet soils and more cloud cover, both attributes tend to lower low level atmospheric temperatures.  Once North Dakota trends dry again then summer extreme temperatures will likely rise once again.

Daryl Ritchison