11/12/15: Snow Showers to Mild

It has been the pattern as of late for the middle of the week to have some type of storm, then a nice warm up for the weekend.  That trend will continue through this forecast period.  A strong low pressure system is situated over Green Bay Wisconsin this morning and moving northeast.  Although there was some snow with this storm in the high plain of Colorado through parts of Nebraska, elsewhere it was mostly a rain maker.

6:00 AM Surface Analysis
6:00 AM Surface Analysis

Some localized 2″+ totals were recorded from the storm but as expected North Dakota was missed with the exception of some trace amounts of drizzle.  Today a secondary wave in the atmosphere (observed on surface analysis above as widening isobars over Red River Valley) will pass through eastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota.  That disturbance will bring some rain and snow showers but precipitation amounts look very light.  Some localized locations, especially in far northeastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota may get a brief coating of snow on the grassy surfaces that will likely quickly melt, otherwise, just a lot of clouds and wind today.  It will take time for the wind to pick up in the Red River Valley, but eventually a windy day, but western North Dakota through South Dakota into southern and eastern Minnesota will have a very windy day as the storm lifts northeast and eventually out of the region.

After the storm, a generally sunny Friday through Sunday is expected with 40s tomorrow, 50s on Saturday and Sunday.  It is clearly not out of the question that some localize 60° readings somewhere in the state this weekend.  Another storm system expected on Monday with eastern North Dakota still mild that day.  Precipitation amounts, mostly rain it appears look light again with that storm, then yet another storm next Wednesday that is progged to miss North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

For the most part a dry and bouncing temperatures for the next week with temperatures continuing to be more above average than below.

Daryl Ritchison