11/21/14: More November Wind

After a relatively calm Thursday when the average wind speeds were only in the 5 to 8 mph range, the wind will be back and quite strong today.

Average Wind Speed on November 20, 2014
Average Wind Speed on November 20, 2014

The high pressure center that was over the area yesterday moved quickly overnight and is now centered to the southeast of Chicago.  An area of low pressure will travel well north of the US/Canadian border today and in between, which is much of the northern plains and the upper Midwest there will be an impressive pressure gradient and therefore a strong wind from the south.


8:00 AM Surface Analysis


High temperatures should get to near 40 or lower 40s in much of central and western North Dakota with far eastern North Dakota staying in the upper 20s to middle 30s.  With the strong south wind, it may never feel as quite as warm as it will actually get up to this afternoon. Tomorrow another area of low pressure will swing through southern Canada, but farther south than the low that is moving through today.

Saturday 6:00 PM Surface Pressure and Wind


The low that will transverse southern Canada on Saturday will weaken and get caught up with a different low that will be moving northeasterly into the Great Lakes.   That low will be quite intense with pressure in inches of mercury dropping to perhaps as low as 29.10.    That should set up a strong pressure gradient late Sunday into Monday.

6:00 AM Weather Map


Although snow amounts from these systems later Sunday into Monday still do not look huge, but even 1-3″ of snow would be blown around quite easily for potential travel problems on Monday in particular.   After the Monday system a weak clipper is expected on Wednesday with both of these systems reinforcing the cold air, so after a brief warm up today through Sunday, the colder air is expected again next week.

Daryl Ritchison