12/22/14: Trending Colder

A low pressure center is located near Aberdeen, South Dakota this morning moving slowly easterly.  The low will eventually fade away today and be absorbed by a strong area of low pressure that is moving into the Great Lakes from the south.  It is that storm that will “bomb” out and turn into a very intense area of low pressure per discussions like week (previous blogs)

Surface Analysis

In the short term, it is very mild this morning across all of North Dakota in western Minnesota with temperatures even above freezing in the Red River Valley.

8:45 AM Temperatures


Temperatures will fluctuate very little today.  The low pressure center will draw in some moisture into the region today.  The Red River Valley will probably stay as drizzle or light rain today and in the colder area of central and western North Dakota recording some light snow.  The animation below will roughly give an estimation to the precipitation type today.


HRRR Radar Simulation of Precipitation Type for Monday
HRRR Radar Simulation of Precipitation Type for Monday


With some areas above freezing, some below, roads surfaces could go from icy to wet, back to icy today, especially west of the I29 corridor.  This event will likely linger through Tuesday in Eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.  Temperatures will max out today, with a slow decline in temperatures the rest of the week, with the colder air coming this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).  After this event passes today and tomorrow, the next threat of snow looks to be Friday into Friday night.

Daryl Ritchison