NDAWN: Providing Crucial Weather Data for 25 Years

The year was 1989, North Dakotans were celebrating the centennial anniversary of statehood and at the same time suffering through the worst drought recorded in the state since the 1930s.  Precipitation and other weather parameters were in high demand, yet, getting weather data quickly was generally limited to the hourly reports from the Fargo, Grand… Read more NDAWN: Providing Crucial Weather Data for 25 Years

Streeter Goes Live

The weather station at Streeter has been upgraded. The “Current Data” are now available on the website at  http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/current.html. You can now add a hotlink directly to Streeter on your smartphone or other mobile web device. The phone number is no longer used. The current data are only available online.      

Langdon is Live

The Langdon NDAWN station is now on the “Current Weather” webpage at http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/current.html where you can view a table or map of all available stations. Add a hot link to the home screen of your mobile web device for Langdon to http://ndawn.ndsu.nodak.edu/cur/langdon.html. The Langdon station looks beautiful. A big Thank You to the Langdon REC… Read more Langdon is Live

July 2014 Recap

July 2014 Weather Summary for North Dakota Precipitation: After an excessively wet June, almost all of North Dakota recorded below average precipitation during the month of July (Figure 1).  The only exception was a few locations in the northeastern portion of the state.   Using data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN), the statewide… Read more July 2014 Recap