2/25/15: Snow Totals

Some totals from overnight across North Dakota via CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow) Network below. Some additional totals from the National Weather Service (NWS) include: Ashley, ND   2.2″ Max, ND  2.0″ Dickinson, ND  1.8″ At this time no more additional accumulating snow is foreseen until early next week. Daryl Ritchison    

2/24/15: Cold Front

A cold front has moved across eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota and should continue to push slowly south during the day then become stationary in South Dakota through eastern Montana. That front in turn will become the focus area for some snow tonight into tomorrow morning.  Projected snow amounts look to be in the 2… Read more 2/24/15: Cold Front

2/20/15: Cold into March

Minimum temperatures this morning were much warmer than yesterday in all areas.   Plus, many of the minimums occurred near or shortly after midnight.  The warmer air also brought some light snow into many locations, although accumulations stayed under 1 inch in most backyards. There will be some additional pockets of light snow today, but… Read more 2/20/15: Cold into March

2/19/15: Briefly Mild

It was another cold morning, especially in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota this morning.  The Roseau NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) station recorded a low of -30° this morning. Western North Dakota and eastern Montana the temperatures were much warmer.  The minimum at Sidney, Montana was 19° and many locations were much warmer… Read more 2/19/15: Briefly Mild

2/18/14: Cold Mornings

Minimums across the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Networks were all below zero this morning.  Bottineau won the cold spot reward with a -29° reading.   Low temperatures on  Thursday should be much warmer in parts of western North Dakota as some clouds move into that area.  In eastern North Dakota temperatures will be as cold… Read more 2/18/14: Cold Mornings

2/17/14: Looking Ahead

In the short term, the next week, at least two more surges of Arctic air will push into the upper Midwest.  One is occurring today, as evident with the low temperatures recorded across the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) this morning.  These temperatures would have been colder, except some clouds moved in which stabilized… Read more 2/17/14: Looking Ahead

Melting Season Begins

February 14, traditionally celebrated as Valentine’s Day, could also be considered the beginning of our melting season. What is so special about February 14 that would help usher in the spring melt?  The latitude of North Dakota ranges from near 46° N to 49° N.  Interstate 94 runs roughly along the 47° N latitudinal line… Read more Melting Season Begins

2/12/14: Four Times

A high pressure center with origins in the Arctic is parked over eastern North Dakota into Minnesota this morning. With a clear sky, light wind and fresh snow, it is no surprise that eastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota recorded a very cold morning.  Both the Hillsboro and the Langdon NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather… Read more 2/12/14: Four Times