April 27, 2015: Real Spring Begins / Late Frost Potential

There was a noticeable difference in maximum temperatures across the NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) yesterday (Sunday) with temperatures ranging from near 70° in eastern North Dakota to a strip of 40s from southwestern to north central North Dakota.  The difference was cloud cover and eventually some light rain fall that reduced the maximum… Read more April 27, 2015: Real Spring Begins / Late Frost Potential

4/21/15: Remaining Cool

The low pressure system that brought the rain into the area on Saturday Night and Sunday has only moved in just north of Lake Superior.  Therefore the wraparound clouds and brisk wind is still impacting eastern North Dakota and Minnesota. The clouds are moving southeasterly and eventually all of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota will… Read more 4/21/15: Remaining Cool

4/20/15: Cool Week

A quick update this morning as I will be traveling today, but the cool air that moved into the region yesterday will have some staying power.  Temperatures will average between 5° and 10° below average through this weekend, with the coldest days being today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday).   Next week temperatures are expected to… Read more 4/20/15: Cool Week

4/7/2015: Light Mix

Overnight some light rain and snow did fall, but only in locations where surface dew points were in the 20s or 30s.  Much of the Red River Valley and northeastern North Dakota recorded no snow, or perhaps just a few flurries as the precipitation evaporated before reaching the ground.  That moisture falling from a cloud… Read more 4/7/2015: Light Mix