July 30, 2015: Spotty

There are some spotty showers in north central North Dakota this morning.  These showers will drop very little moisture, but will at least cause some cloudiness in many locations near and north of interstate 94 this morning.   It is associated with a vorticity maximum (upper air disturbance) that will move quickly through the area.… Read more July 30, 2015: Spotty

7/28/15: Small Dog Alert

The strong mid-latitude cyclone that was in Wyoming yesterday is now situation in southeastern Saskatchewan and will continue to lift to the northeast. It it clearly shown on satellite imagery as a classic “coma” shaped cloud mass.  Under the ‘head’ of the comma will be a persistent light rain through northern Montana that will also… Read more 7/28/15: Small Dog Alert

7/24/15: Warm Weekend

Northeastern North Dakota has tended to be the “bulls-eye” for rainfall in the past three weeks and that was the case once again with the thunderstorms from overnight.  One to two inches of rain was common in that area.  Elsewhere, with the exception of the NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) northwest of Garrison, North… Read more 7/24/15: Warm Weekend