9/22/15: Back to Summer

Maximum temperatures on Monday ranged from 67° in Crosby to 96° in Edgeley with several other locations at 95°.  The cold front that kept northwestern North Dakota cooler yesterday moved through the entire NDAWN mesonet overnight and temperatures today are expected to be much cooler. Behind the front, temperatures cooled off into the 30s in… Read more 9/22/15: Back to Summer

9/21/15: A New Week

An area of low pressure was situated in central Manitoba moving northeasterly early Monday morning.  That track will bring a surge of warm air across the region today with maximums expected to reach the 80s with some locations around 90° this afternoon across central and eastern North Dakota.   The cold front attached to the… Read more 9/21/15: A New Week

9/18/15: Warming up

Both this morning (Friday) and Saturday morning the prospect for lows in the 30s was foreseen.   The anticipation was for some locations to drop into the upper half of the 30s with mostly 40s for lows.   This morning, that was generally the case, although, there is almost always going to be exceptions and… Read more 9/18/15: Warming up

9/16/15: Future Frost

Back in August when the most asked question seemed to be about when the first widespread frost of Autumn would potentially occur, I would answer with September 20-25 would be my best guess.  In fact, within this blog in late August I made a similar “projection” about that time period.  Of course when talking about… Read more 9/16/15: Future Frost