5/31/16: More Rain

Last night into the rest of the day more rain fell through much of North Dakota. In typical summer fashion, some areas welcomed it and other locations continue to be quite wet. Northeastern North Dakota in particular has recorded much more rain than was wanted over the past 10 days.   Some areas will try to… Read more 5/31/16: More Rain

Water Hemp Emergence

The use of Growing Degree Days allows for approximation as to when crops have reaches certain development stages, or when certain insects or weeks may emerge.  Through research a base temperature can be determined when a development of the plant or an insect needs to develop then add temperatures above that set point up.  For… Read more Water Hemp Emergence

Dry May 2016 For Now

After a wet April, rainfall has been sparse so far this month.  Although there will be some scattered showers this week, especially during some afternoons associated with instability in the atmosphere associated with the peak heating of the day.  Widespread rain, or even scattered areas where rainfall amounts will be beneficial look to be lacking… Read more Dry May 2016 For Now

Weekend Frost

Average last frost dates vary by nearly 3 weeks in North Dakota, but most locations the average is somewhere near May 8-15.  Meaning, frost isn’t at all unusual this time of year.  Yet, because planting was done earlier than average, crops have emerged in some locations, meaning, a frost this time of year has the… Read more Weekend Frost

Next Week Rain?

Although there may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm today as a cold from moves through the area, the main threat of rain looks to be next week in North Dakota and northern Minnesota. A storm system is expected to coming out of the Rockies this weekend and although South Dakota may get a bit… Read more Next Week Rain?

Warming Soils

The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, commonly referred to as NDAWN offers many weather related tools. Once of which is 4” soil temperatures.   Although the heat from yesterday and for a few areas today is temporarily pushing those temperatures up, generally speaking the average temperatures have been mostly in the upper 40s to the mid 50s… Read more Warming Soils