Autumn Dry Down

As summer 2016 winds down, one noticeable aspect of our weather that will change is that thunderstorms will become less common.  That in turn will also mean that rainfall amounts generally drop.  The wettest month of the year is June with a statewide average rainfall of nearly three and a half inches.   July that average… Read more Autumn Dry Down

Weekend Rain

Although localized, there were some pockets of heavy rain this past weekend.  Some parts of Traill County in North Dakota and the counties of Norman, southern Polk and northern Mahnomen.  The NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) station in Hillboro recorded 3 inches of rain and Ada, Minnesota across the river recorded 4 and a… Read more Weekend Rain

Warmer Week

After several days of cooler temperatures, the warmer temperatures that began yesterday will continue for most of this week.  Southern North Dakota will record noticeably warmer temperatures than northern portions of the state on a couple of the days this week, but overall the entire region will experience more above normal temperature days than below… Read more Warmer Week

GDDs In 2016

As of August 25, the accumulated Corn Growing Degree Days in the southeastern North Dakota have exceeded 2000.  Western and northern portions of North Dakota are generally in the 17 hundred to 19 hundred range.  It varies somewhat based on varieties, but as a general rule, 2000 growing degree days, base 50 or higher is… Read more GDDs In 2016

The End of Summer

One week from today is the first day of September, which is climatologically the first day of Autumn.  Any forecast you may have heard early in the year about what the summer of 2016 was projected to be like, was based on the three warmest months of the year, June, July and August and not… Read more The End of Summer

Thoughts of a Frost

As we approach September the thoughts of when the first frost of the season may occur tends to come up in many of my conversations.  Average first frost varies anywhere from mid September to the very early September.  The early frosts usually occur in northwestern and northeastern North Dakota and on average the latest frost… Read more Thoughts of a Frost

Warm Briefly

Our cool weekend has now been replaced by warmer temperatures yesterday and today.  Although today will likely only be described as “hot” by folks in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.  Tomorrow we are back to cool again and temperatures below average will be the general rule for the next 5 days.  But what about… Read more Warm Briefly

A Taste of Autumn 2016

In the past few years we have often had some very warm temperatures in late August as school was beginning in North Dakota.  This year, that is looking to be unlikely, in fact, the exact opposite may be occurring.  Instead of temperatures well above average to finish off the month, we may be recording temperatures… Read more A Taste of Autumn 2016

Crop and Pest Report Weather Outlook August 28 through August 24, 2016

There will likely be scattered thunderstorms in the area today into tonight, plus some additional rainfall, particularly in southwestern North Dakota on Saturday.  Yet, overall this next week is expected to be fairly dry.  The exceptions will be the localized spots that get a direct hit from a thunderstorm today, but the odds are that… Read more Crop and Pest Report Weather Outlook August 28 through August 24, 2016

End of Dry

Before the rains from last week moved across southern North Dakota, that area was quite dry.  In fact, with even 5” plus reported in some parts of the southeastern portion of the state, conversations with farmers in that area indicated that you would never be able to tell it rained because all that rain was… Read more End of Dry