Frost, yet Mild

Although this morning and Wednesday morning some frost will greet some of you as you wake up, yet, overall this week will be warm and dry.  Temperatures will gradually warm with maximums in the 70s or at least near 70 by the end of the week.  The next several days also looks dry, granted a… Read more Frost, yet Mild


The past 48 hours have been tough on southern Minnesota and northern Iowan agriculture.  Widespread 2-4 inch rain amounts were recorded on Tuesday and Wednesday evening with localized 10 inch amounts.  That rainfall will likely keep soil conditions very moist right through harvest and make drying out very difficult.  From this point on even light… Read more Mudfest

Rainy Weekend?

There will be some light rain in the region yesterday and there will also probably be some precipitation today as well, but most locations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota will more than likely not record too much rain as these weak disturbances pass through.  Of higher concern at the moment is a storm system… Read more Rainy Weekend?

Frost Delay

Last week, several part of the region recorded a frost on either September 13 or 14th.  A few locations in north central North Dakota reporting temperatures near or below 32 degrees on both mornings.  If your particular area survived those days with no crop damage, the next frost threat appears to be holding off until… Read more Frost Delay

Warmer is Coming

The cooler weather these past couple of days will slowing fade into warmer weather in the upcoming several days.  In fact, some areas in western North Dakota will probably record maximums near or even a bit above 80 degrees on Sunday.  Although a slight cooling trend will commence early to the middle of next week,… Read more Warmer is Coming

First Freeze and Frost

Yesterday minimums dropped below 32° especially in northwestern North Dakota and eastern Montana.   This morning the cooler readings were mostly in eastern North Dakota into western Minnesota.     Many locations recorded either the first frost of the season (36°) or the first Freeze of the season (32°).    Some locations even recorded the… Read more First Freeze and Frost

Frost Season

A Frost Advisory and Freeze and Hard Freeze Warnings will be used multiple times in the next few weeks, yet these terms may not mean the same to you as they do to a meteorologist.  A frost advisory for instance is issued when temperatures are expected to drop to between 33 and 36 degrees.  The… Read more Frost Season

The Gloomy Season

As we progress into autumn, not only will the temperatures slowly drop, but our sky will change as well.  No, the sky will stay blue, but instead of being filled with puffy cumulus clouds that on occasion turn to thunderstorms, our clouds instead will become flat and like a sheet.  In fact, the word stratus… Read more The Gloomy Season