Too Much Too Late

Earlier in the week, some parts of Sargent County in southeastern North Dakota recorded over two inches of rain.  Before that rain event that area of North Dakota was one of the drier regions of the state, but with that recent rain has moved into the wet category like so many other regions.  To put… Read more Too Much Too Late

Winter 2016-2017

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their latest outlook for the upcoming winter and have most the upper Midwest is a slightly higher probability of a cooler than normal winter.  In any season, you have three probabilities.  Those are either above normal, normal, or below normal, meaning your starting point is a 33… Read more Winter 2016-2017

South American Rain

In the previous blog I mentioned how La Nina conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean tend to make the corn and soybean growing areas in Brazil and Argentina cooler and wetter than normal.   That area had a tough harvest with wet conditions forcing either lower yields or in some regions not even allowing for the… Read more South American Rain

Harvest Weather

Although this month may not have been as perfect as the past two years for harvesting, it certainly has still been better than many.  The main problem this year was the rain even on October 4 and 5 that brought 1”+ rains to parts of the southern Red River Valley and west central Minnesota as… Read more Harvest Weather

October 1-15, 2016

The first one half of October is behind us and the weather stats for that period were not all that bad for harvesting in North Dakota.   Yes, there were exceptions, but exceptions, especially in locations in the southern Red River Valley around Wahpeton and also a portion of northwestern North Dakota where excessive rain on… Read more October 1-15, 2016

Winter Forecasts

As is typical of this time of year, there are often many predictions for the upcoming winter.  It also seems that more times than not the predictions are that this winter will be the harshest in years, or the Farmer’s Almanac said this or that.   In this short segment I don’t have time to go… Read more Winter Forecasts

First Snow

Many locations have recorded the first flakes of the season and yes, a few unlucky folks have even seen a brief dusting of snow.  Although we probably don’t like to admit it, none of these first snow events of the season are not unusual in the slightest.   As many of us will remember the northern… Read more First Snow