Dry Stretch

Although January finished with above average snowfall for just about all locations, most of that snow came during the first 10 days of the month.  The last 20 days of January, with a few exceptions, saw very little snowfall in North Dakota.   This has been a welcomed relieve when some parts of the region recorded… Read more Dry Stretch

Frost Depth

A very common subject of conversation I have as I travel the region is our very shallow frost depth in many parts of the region.  With the warm November, followed quickly by a significant snowfall especially in central and western North Dakota, that snow insulated the ground and in turn has not allowed for much… Read more Frost Depth

Warmer is Coming

Although the snow did not amount to too much the past couple of days, these disturbances did at least bring some slightly warmer temperatures to the area.  But the cold air never moved too far away and now that the light snow events are moving out, the cold air will be moving back into the… Read more Warmer is Coming

Little Frost

With the warm November we had, then a quick snow early in the month of December which in turn insulated the warm soil, even with two periods of very cold temperatures the frost depth in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota is very shallow.  In fact, there are some locations in the region where the ground… Read more Little Frost

Snow Types

As anyone that has ever shoveled knows, not all snows are created equal.  The Inuit living in the arctic have multiple words to describe snow, but in English, we have very few.  The snowfall from earlier this week was generally a light fluffy snow.  Those types of snows have a high air content and tend… Read more Snow Types