A Good Gauge

It is once again that time of year when there are discussions about how much rain fell.  One of the problems with rain measurements is that not all rain gauges are create equally.   In fact, many of the cheap rain gauges sold at stores are not all that accurate.  If you want accurate reliable rainfall… Read more A Good Gauge


No growing season is perfect.  Most have periods where it is both too wet and too dry.  In our climate there is always stretches where it is too cool and right now we are in a too cool period.  Even though temperatures are certainly better than where we were a week ago, temperatures are still… Read more Perfection

May Rain Cometh

After about 2 to 3 weeks with limited moisture in the region, but next week looks to be a significant change. Some part of North Dakota will probably record rainfall from Sunday into next Saturday.  That does not necessarily mean your place will get rain each day, but there will be rain for someone.  By… Read more May Rain Cometh

Better than Many

Although the past couple of days have certainly been colder than it has been, the first 10 days of May have recorded above average temperatures.  But in many ways our region has been the exception rather than the rule in the major agricultural areas of the United States to this point this month.  From southern… Read more Better than Many

Frosty Next Few Days

For frost to occur this time of year, you need more than just a cool air mass.  You also need a clear sky, a light wind and dry soils also help the cause.   Dry soils have more air pockets and more conductivity.  The air near the ground is cooled by conduction, which is the air… Read more Frosty Next Few Days

Cool End of April

The last 10 days of April were mostly cool and damp, but in the end, the Month of April still finish with monthly temperatures near or even a bit above average.  It was a classic example of monthly averages not necessarily being a good indicator for agriculture.  Having an average or warmer than average April… Read more Cool End of April

Weekend Blizzard

The Weekend blizzard in the central plains and heavy rain storm is still a factor in the Ohio River Valley.  The wrap a round moisture from that storm will bring yet another round of fairly heavy rain in portions of Illinois and Indiana.  Plus, that region will experience well below average temperatures.  The combination of… Read more Weekend Blizzard

#Replant 17

The big storm that impacted much of the central part of the United States missed North Dakota with the exception of the extreme southeast corner of the state.  Campbell Minnesota for example, just southeast of Wahpeton picked up about one-third of an inch from that storm, but around Wahpeton/Breckenridge there was either 0 precipitation detected… Read more #Replant 17