Winter is Coming

Based on my Twitter feed, apparently the Farmer’s Almanac has come out with a winter forecast.  This forecast supposedly is for a Teeth Chattering cold winter.  Considering the warmest winters on record in these parts the average temperature is around 20 degrees and a winter temperature around 12 degrees would be considered average.  Therefore, no… Read more Winter is Coming

Dry Frost

This week starts off cool, but warmer air is expected in a few days.  Each cold front that moves through this time of year tends to be a bit cooler than the previous cold front.  Eventually come September one of the cold fronts will be in enough cool air for the first frost of the… Read more Dry Frost


The fires continue to our west and northwest, so more smoke is expected to be in the air both today and tomorrow.  Saturday night into Sunday morning there will be a cold frontal passage that will hopefully change the upper level wind pattern enough to give us a break from the smoke threat for a… Read more Smoke

Dry August

Clearly the number one topic of conversation lately has been the lack of rain.  Even with the high heat from several days ago I was getting more questions about the dry weather than the high temperatures.  Granted, some parts of southeastern North Dakota into west central Minnesota recorded some rain early Tuesday morning, yet many… Read more Dry August

High Heat

The weekend brought some high heat to western North Dakota, but if you were in the southern Red River Valley, not so much.  My backyard for example only reached 90.5° on both Saturday and Sunday (NDAWN Fargo was 93°), whereas, western North Dakota was 100° or higher, with Williston reaching 108°.  These were the highest… Read more High Heat

Perseid Meteor Shower

The peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower was expected to be last night.  But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed an opportunity to see what is probably the most well-known of all the meteor showers.  The Perseid meteor shower tends to produce some of the highest meteor rates of the year, plus occurring in summer… Read more Perseid Meteor Shower

Fire Season

Most summers at some point this area will have impacts from fires to our west or northwest.  This summer has on several occasions recorded a hazy sky because of smoke in the air.  This year, the smoke has been confined mostly to the upper levels of the atmosphere.  Meaning outside of some redder sunrises and… Read more Fire Season

Future Rain

The grain harvest is underway and the sugar beet pre-pile will begin soon.  Full harvest mode may be still a couple of months away, but with these two activities taking place, the thoughts of harvest are now on most people’s minds.  If I had to pick one crop that has the most potential to be… Read more Future Rain

First Frost

The low temperature yesterday morning at the Fargo airport was 39.9 degrees, which is rounded up to 40 degrees.  That was a record low for the date surpassing the old record of 41 degrees set in 1971.  Other parts of the area were even colder, the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network station near Galesburg North… Read more First Frost