Continued Cool

The cold air returns.  After several pretty nice spring days the past few days have been well below average for the time of year.  That trend will continue this week with not noticeable warm up until the very end of the week.  We have had several tough springs in the past decade.  Last year to… Read more Continued Cool

More snow

Yes, the rumors are true, some parts of the region will likely record some snowfall this weekend. Receiving snow this time of year has occurred several times in the past, but we are getting to the point of the season where you can say measureable snow is unusual this late in April.  Best chances tomorrow… Read more More snow

April 100

100 degrees in April?  This past Sunday was 39th anniversary of the warmest day recorded in Fargo when, yes, it did hit 100 degrees.  It was on April 21 1980.  The ice was still on many of the nearby lakes in Minnesota that day which made for some interesting pictures of near 100 degrees and… Read more April 100

Trouble Elsewhere

We are certainly not the only area suffering from cold and damp weather conditions keeping #Plant19 at bay.  Illinois, including Chicago had a heavy snow event earlier this week.  Parts of Iowa, Indiana and much of Illinois are having a widespread rain event today.   In other words, a high percentage of the north central part… Read more Trouble Elsewhere


There will be a setback tomorrow as another disturbance will pass through with clouds and some rain that will lower the temperatures, but overall the temperatures this week look to be near average with maximums in the 50s and western North Dakota even seeing some 60s with even warmer temperatures expected on Saturday.   There… Read more Rain


There is always a lot of “ifs” when it comes to weather.  The most recent examples was the weekend storm.  If that storm missed our area, yes, many areas would be suitable for planting this week, except the storm didn’t miss us.  Granted, there were wide ranges of precipitation this past weekend, but even in… Read more IF