2/19/15: Briefly Mild

It was another cold morning, especially in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota this morning.  The Roseau NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) station recorded a low of -30° this morning.

2/19/15 Minimums
2/19/15 Minimums

Western North Dakota and eastern Montana the temperatures were much warmer.  The minimum at Sidney, Montana was 19° and many locations were much warmer than that by the time the sun came up as clouds and warmer temperatures were beginning to move into those areas after midnight.

That warm air moving in will have a tendency to be forced to rise over the more dense arctic air.  That lifting mechanism in turn will produce clouds and some light snow.  This process is fairly typical in the winter with warm air advection (horizontal transfer of air).

Light snow has already developed in western North Dakota will will slowly push east across North Dakota and Minnesota in the next 24 hours.

Current Radar
Morning Radar

Below is the projected radar for the next 36 hours.  The second push of light snow is associated with a cold front that will move through North Dakota on Friday Night.

Projected Radar through Saturday 6:00 AM
Projected Radar through Saturday 6:00 AM

That cold front will reinforce the cold air already in place, but at least a brief warm up is expected tonight into Friday.  Next week still looks cold and atmospheric patterns suggest the first part of March will continue with the trend of below average temps, but a continuation of minimal precipitation.

Daryl Ritchison