4/12/16: Rain Coming?

My most common phone call this week has been about the potential precipitation coming later this week into the weekend.   Yes, there appears to be a pattern change occurring and a storm will likely develop from this transition, yet, frequently hype of an approaching storm and what ends up occurring are two different things.  All storms have “winners and losers” when it comes to precipitation amounts.  So although, I have no doubt that some areas will get a beneficial rain from this event (perhaps even too much), many locations will not.  Odds currently favor central and western into part of northeastern North Dakota for the higher totals and more than likely, the best rains will perhaps come to our south which has been the case most of the past several months.

Meaning, the planting that will be occurring this week in the warmer temperatures should be followed by some moisture, but the range will likely be from very little to over an inch, meaning, many will probably be disappointed.