6/3/15: Crop and Pest Report Forecast

The following with be in Crop and Pest Report dated June 4, 2015.

The June 4 through June 10 weather forecast:

 Some of the warmest air of the season is expected in the next 7 days, but that heat is going to hold off until early next week.  In the short term, below average temperatures are projected through Saturday as the cooler air that moved into the region behind the thunderstorms from Monday Night into early Wednesday morning lingers through Friday and additional moisture and the associated cloud cover keep temperatures in check on Saturday.

That rain on Saturday will be associated with an area of low pressure that will move out of the northern Rockies on Friday, impact western North Dakota late Friday into Friday Night and the rest of the state into western Minnesota on Saturday.   This particular storm does not appear to be as strong as some of the previous systems.  Although most places will record rain, amounts are expected stay around 0.50 inches or less with the localized higher totals in the heavier thunderstorms to be around one inch.  Once that low pressure center passes through, Sunday through Wednesday look mostly dry and trending much warmer.

The warm up will be associated with a ridge of high pressure aloft that will develop over the Rocky Mountains and move east in association in many ways to activity in the tropical western Pacific Ocean.  The core of the warmth will occur on Monday and Tuesday with indications that on Tuesday perhaps a 90° high may be reached for only the second time this year in the state of North Dakota.  That 90° heat will probably be the exception, but widespread 80s are anticipated. With the warmer temperatures will also come higher relative humidity values with dew points climbing into the 60s during this stretch with the Red River Valley likely achieving the highest values which is climatologically the most favored location for such values.

Projected growing degree days (GDDs), base 34°, 44° and 50° for the period June 4 through June 10, 2015 are presented below.  A high percentage of these GDDs will be accumulated with the higher temperatures early next week. Another stretch of cooler weather is projected in the June 11 through June 15 time frame.

Projected Growing Degree Days June 4 through June 10 (Base 34°)
Projected Growing Degree Days June 4 through June 10 (Base 44°)
Projected Growing Degree Days June 4 through June 10 (Base 50°)


Daryl Ritchison