Friday Weather Summary

It was a cold morning once again.  Below are some of the low temperatures at our NDAWN sites: The Fargo and Grand Forks airports dropped to 31° this morning.  My personal backyard thermometer dropped to 27° which was cold enough to completely freeze my bird bath. Although Saturday morning will continue to be chilly, especially… Read more Friday Weather Summary

Robinson NDAWN Station

Nicole Bart our Network Engineer was at our Robinson NDAWN site today making some upgrades that you will notice on our currents page .  Below is a picture from this morning. If you’re reading this from somewhere that is cloudy (like me), that beautiful sunshine should be arriving later today in your backyard. Daryl Ritchison  

The May Jinx

It has certainly been a cold May to this point and indications are that the second half of the month will continue to see more colder than average days than above average days.  With the average currently near 70 degrees in many parts of North Dakota now, even a 65 degree day,  pleasant yes, would still… Read more The May Jinx


Rain totals since April 20.  Not including moisture since 1 AM this morning (12 CST).   See previous blog for more on the immediate future for rain.   Daryl Ritchison

Thursday Rain

Below is yesterday’s rain totals.  Many locations recorded additional rain after midnight (1 AM CDT).  The areas that were missed on Wednesday, were for the most part the main area that recorded precipitation on Thursday/Thursday Night. Meaning, this event, although, not nearly as significant as last week’s rain totals, still made for a fairly widespread… Read more Thursday Rain

Temperature Gradient

Strong temperature gradient in the northern plains this afternoon.  97 degrees in Beatrice, Nebraska and 37 degrees in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Here is a surface map as of 4:00 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 7, 2014.  

April Summary Maps

These maps will be on our website soon, but below are a summary of data from  NDAWN  and COOP reports in North Dakota for the month of April.   Daryl Ritchison  

Windy Winter

Many have inquired over how windy this past winter was in comparison to other years. I downloaded all the wind data from the Fargo Airport from 1931 through April 2014. I calculated the average wind speed for each winter from 1932-33 through 2013-2014. Winter is defined as December through February. The average wind speed this… Read more Windy Winter