One Hundred

Hector Int’l the, for good or bad, official climate station for Fargo, did reach 100 degrees on two consecutive days last week, both Friday and Saturday.  Although, Saturday the temperature was only at 100 degrees for about 10-15 minutes looked at the detailed reports from the airport.  In any case, the last time Fargo had… Read more One Hundred

Dry August

Clearly the number one topic of conversation lately has been the lack of rain.  Even with the high heat from several days ago I was getting more questions about the dry weather than the high temperatures.  Granted, some parts of southeastern North Dakota into west central Minnesota recorded some rain early Tuesday morning, yet many… Read more Dry August

High Heat

The weekend brought some high heat to western North Dakota, but if you were in the southern Red River Valley, not so much.  My backyard for example only reached 90.5° on both Saturday and Sunday (NDAWN Fargo was 93°), whereas, western North Dakota was 100° or higher, with Williston reaching 108°.  These were the highest… Read more High Heat

Warm June

Temperatures so far this month are 2 to 5 degrees warmer than average across much of North Dakota into west central Minnesota.  Northwestern Minnesota is running close to average, as is far eastern Montana.  Although the temperatures have been below average the past few days, with the exception of the southern Red River Valley, the… Read more Warm June

First Week of May

We are already one week into May.  So far this month has been mostly warm and dry.  April on the other hand was mostly cold and dry.  April 2018 was the 6th coldest April on record in Fargo, it was the 8th coldest in Grand Forks and in Williston and the 9th coldest in Bismarck. … Read more First Week of May

Black Dust Blizzard

It was 95 years ago this that one of the worst blizzards in modern times was moving through the region.  It started as a weak Alberta Clipper that moved along the Rocky Mountains, reformed in Colorado and moved northeast into Minnesota.  Much of North Dakota had little snow cover, similar to this winter.  The fierce… Read more Black Dust Blizzard

October Blizzard

A three day blizzard with massive amounts of snow and huge snow drifts in October?  Your first thought is likely that which occurred in western South Dakota and southwestern North Dakota a few years ago.  Perhaps the most famous October storm struck parts of this region from October 15-18, 1880.  One to three feet of… Read more October Blizzard

Beginning of Dry?

I recently was reading an article online where someone was quoted saying it has been dry this summer because of the lack of rain.  Yes, seriously, that was the quote.  Hard to argue with that, but nevertheless an extremely obvious observation.  This dry summer, as was the case in 2006, 2009 and 2012 has brought… Read more Beginning of Dry?