Grand Forks is Live

The final station has been added to the Current Weather page of the NDAWN web site. The data are will only be available on-line. Add a hot link for Grand Forks to the home screen of your smart phone to quickly view current conditions.          

Streeter Goes Live

The weather station at Streeter has been upgraded. The “Current Data” are now available on the website at You can now add a hotlink directly to Streeter on your smartphone or other mobile web device. The phone number is no longer used. The current data are only available online.      

Langdon is Live

The Langdon NDAWN station is now on the “Current Weather” webpage at where you can view a table or map of all available stations. Add a hot link to the home screen of your mobile web device for Langdon to The Langdon station looks beautiful. A big Thank You to the Langdon REC… Read more Langdon is Live

Sabin now LIVE

The Sabin station was moved 1000 feet north of its previous location on July 11. The station was upgraded and the Current Weather is now available online at A big Thank You to the people at Bayer CropScience of Sabin, MN for sponsoring the station and for the assistance in moving the station.    … Read more Sabin now LIVE

Williston NDAWN Upgrade

If you go to our 10 minute page you will notice Williston has added to the page.  Also upgrades and maintenance has been done to other stations in northcentral and northwestern North Dakota.  Below is an image of our Crosby station taken this morning.  If you are new to the upgrades as we move away from… Read more Williston NDAWN Upgrade

Eldred is now Live

Current weather for the Eldred NDAWN station is now available online at Setup a hot link directly to Eldred on the home screen of your smart phone. **Barb Mullins          

Mayville Station Now ONLINE

The current weather data from the Mayville NDAWN station in Traill County is now available online at Add a link on the home screen of your mobile web device to