August Changes

The ridge of high pressure that has been over the northern Rocky Mountains much of this summer has been intensifying a bit the past few days.  We’ve seen some thunderstorms form on the edge of that ridge, but until that ridge completely breaks down, the pattern of occasional thunderstorms, mostly of the hit and miss… Read more August Changes

Ridge Runners

There has been much talk in social media about the heat wave that is coming for the Midwest.  Of course, that didn’t exactly happen, but it does appear that it may happen gradually as we go through this week.  North Dakota on the other hand seems to be a bit too far north for what… Read more Ridge Runners

June 2020

If you thought the month of June was warm, it was not your imagination.  June 2020 was the third warmest June on record in Fargo and the fourth warmest June on record in Bismarck.  Most of eastern North Dakota recorded a Top 5 warmest June on record.  Far western North Dakota was closer to average… Read more June 2020

Severe Month

June is the month with the highest average precipitation and in turn, the most likely month to experience severe weather.  There will probably be some severe weather in the region today into tonight as a cold front sweeps across the region.  Behind the front, yes, cooler, but as has been the case many times in… Read more Severe Month


Every time we get into a period of several windy or breezy days in a row, I tend to get a lot of inquiries as to if it is windier than it use to be, or is this unusual for the time of year.  There is no doubt this past weekend was windy and Sunday… Read more Wind

Spray Season

June is a big month for spraying.  This is a reminder that The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Service usually referenced as NDAWN has an APP that warns you when inversions are in place.  Inversions are when the air above the ground is warmer than the air near the ground.  The cooler air near the ground… Read more Spray Season

Cooler and Drier

The cold front has pushed east of the area and therefore expect the cooler weather to continue today and tomorrow, but a gradual warmup is expected through the weekend.  The warmer weather will allow areas that have too wet to begin the drying off process.  If you’re in you’re in locations that didn’t record much… Read more Cooler and Drier

Dry to Wet

You’ve probably heard it before, but the past 72 hours makes the old English proverb of “there is no debt so surely met as wet to dry and dry to wet” quite true.  It may be hard to believe for some of you, but the overall pattern is still generally dry, but the combination of… Read more Dry to Wet


Many people tend to write down and keep track of certain annual events.  These events may include the sighting of the first robin of spring, or if you live on a lake, the ice out date.  For me in recent years, I have kept track of when some crabapple trees bloom.  This recording of the… Read more Phenology