Dickinson August Rainfall Record

With the additional rain that fell this past weekend, in combination with several other rain events this month, Dickinson, ND (Airport Location) has now broken the record for the most rainfall for the month of August.  So far, 6.27 inches of rain has been recorded at the Theodore Roosevelt Airport surpassing the record of 5.55 inches set in 1954.


Dickinson Precip
Dickinson, ND August Precipitation


Although July recorded only 1.11 inches of rain, the record setting rainfall in August, combined with a moderately wet June, places the Summer of 2014 as the 3rd wettest of record for that location.  With a week to go for summer climate statistics and another precipitation system coming this weekend (Saturday), Dickinson could certainly move up into 2nd place and if a thunderstorm would happen to pass over the airport, even the record summer rainfall total is possible.

Dickinson Summer Precipitation Records
Dickinson Summer Precipitation Records

Daryl Ritchison