First Week of May

We are already one week into May.  So far this month has been mostly warm and dry.  April on the other hand was mostly cold and dry.  April 2018 was the 6th coldest April on record in Fargo, it was the 8th coldest in Grand Forks and in Williston and the 9th coldest in Bismarck.  It should easily finish as one of the Top 10 coldest Aprils on record for the state taken as a whole.  In fact, it was ranked number 6 coldest by the National Centers of Environmental Information.   If it wasn’t for the fact that the last few days of the month were quite mild, the month would have finished even lower in the rankings.  Yet, things have turned and although there will be some upcoming cool streaks, nothing will compare to the temperature in April until late autumn.

Daryl Ritchison