January 2021 Stats

Bismarck recorded the 2nd warmest January on record with an average temperatures of 25.8˚. The warmest January on record was back in 2006 with an average temperature of 26.8˚. The Top 5 warmest in Bismarck are listed below:

Bismarck January Average Temperature Rankings

In Fargo, January 2021, ranked as the 6th warmest on record with an average temperature of 19.3˚. The Top 6 are listed below:

Fargo January Average Temperature Rankings

Precipitation wise, the month was below average, but during a month where less than 1 inch of precipitation is the average, the dryness is relative. You are always one storm away from being at or above the mean with such low average values.

Fargo recorded 0.37″ of liquid in January which ranked as the 46th Driest and Bismarck recorded 0.29″ of liquid during the month which ranked as the 48th driest. Snowfall was 4.2″ in Bismarck, ranked 50th lowest and Fargo recorded 4.6″ which ranked as the 51st lowest.

Daryl Ritchison