North Dakota June 2015 Recap


June is climatologically the wettest month of the year in North Dakota.  A high percentage of that precipitation comes in the form of thunderstorms that drop highly variable rainfall amounts from one location to the next.  Therefore, it is no surprise that rain totals varied greatly across the state during the month (Figure 1). The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) average rainfall was 3.76 inches which is above the average of 3.34 inches.  That would rank the month as the 43rd wettest June statewide.  The scattered above average rainfall during the month, plus the widespread excessive rain in May has eliminated all of the drought conditions in the state, although there are small portions of western North Dakota still listed in “Abnormally Dry” conditions on the Drought Monitor from June 30, 2015.

June 2015 Percent of Average Rainfall
June 2015 Percent of Average Rainfall


Much of North Dakota recorded temperatures between 1° and 3° above average during the month (Figure 2).  The NDAWN statewide average temperature was 65.5 degrees which is 1.8 degrees above normal. That would rank the month as tied for the 47th warmest on record.  Many of the thunderstorms that impacted the state occurred at night or left residual cloud cover during the overnight hours which attributed to warmer than average minimums on several occasions.  That in turn played a dominate role in the above normal temperatures recorded.  The warmest temperature recorded at any NDAWN station was 96° at Wyndmere on June 9 and at Watford City and Hofflund on June 29. The coldest tempeature was 38° recorded at Bottineau on June 4.

June 2015 Temperature Anomalies from Average

.Daryl Ritchison