Positive Weather

Many parts of the region went 7 to 10 days with temperatures below zero.  If we use the term at or below zero, meaning we will include a temperature of 0 in the analysis then Fargo and some other locations did get into the top 10 longest such streaks on record.  But it is of course, nearly a month short of the 37 such day streak back in 1936 in Fargo and even longer than that for some locations that year. Not everyone, but many locations, including Fargo had a colder minimum back in February 2019, but because the extreme cold of 2019 came with a bunch of snow, the streak of negatives this year was higher as each snow event brought “warmer” temperature briefly back into the region. But the overall cold two years ago was a bit worst in many locations because of that deeper snowpack than it was this year.