South American Rain

Last week some flooding rains impacting agricultural areas in Argentina and Brazil delaying the harvest in some locations, but the impact should be minimal over all.  Although El Nino’s often bring abundant rains to the corn and soybean belts in South America, La Ninas do correlate with droughts in that part of the world.  So although the world main agricultural areas have seen very beneficial weather for the past couple of years, the La Nina that is expected to develop in the next several months could change that.  Although La Nina may impact the end of the growing season in the Unites States, it will be South America that may  experience more noticeable negative impacts on crops during their next growing season of 2016-2017.

This brings another topic to mind as I am often asked to comment on “it rained in South America” or “it rained in Brazil and Argentina”.  I have often wondered if farmers in South America hear similar statements like “it rained in the United States”.  I reverse the statement because of course it would be silly to say “it rained in North America” as the agricultural areas are so large, but the same is true in other parts of the world.  Like here, a beneficial rain, dryness or even a drought rarely impacts all areas equally, meaning that most of the time when you hear a country and rain mentioned in the same sentence, it is a meaningless term, unless you have the specifics of locations / amounts / and any impacts on growing conditions in those regions.