The Winter Solstice

Today marks the Winter Solstice.  At 10:49 PM CST the sun will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn which is approximately 23.5° south of the equator.  That means the sun angle in North Dakota will vary from from 20.5° above the horizon at solar noon today to just 17.5° along the Canadian border.  It… Read more The Winter Solstice

November 2015 Summary

Precipitation: November 2015 was a dry month in central and western North Dakota with some locations recording less than 5 percent of normal precipitation (Figure 1). In eastern North Dakota a couple of rain systems, one on November 6 and the other on November 15-16 pushed rain totals above average for parts of the central… Read more November 2015 Summary

November 5 Rain Totals

Rain totals from yesterday ranged from very little in central and western North Dakota, to over 1 inch in some locations in the northern Red River Valley.  The Stephen, Minnesota and Grafton, North Dakota NDAWN (North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network) stations both recorded the most rain (melted snow) from this system.  A band from Edgeley/Jamestown… Read more November 5 Rain Totals

August 2015 Climate Summary

Precipitation: Although there were a few isolated exceptions, much of North Dakota recorded below average precipitation during the month (Figure 1). The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) average rainfall was 1.57 inches which is near 75% of the statewide average of 2.09 inches. There were two locations that recorded well above average rainfall, one… Read more August 2015 Climate Summary

Cold Damaged Pumpkin

Low temperatures on July 7, 2015 dropped into the 30s at some North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) stations.  The coolest readings were reported at Ada with a minimum of 37°, Bottineau at 38° and Brampton at 39°.   Pumpkin plants near the Brampton station showed clear signs of “frost” damage.  With an air temperature… Read more Cold Damaged Pumpkin

6/9/15: Trending Cooler

A cold front is projected to move across the state of North Dakota today.  Along and ahead of the front, some showers and thunderstorms were were occurring. Redevelopment of these storms are possible this afternoon, but generally in South Dakota and central and southern Minnesota, meaning a high percentage of the NDAWN mesonet sites should… Read more 6/9/15: Trending Cooler