Warm Halloween

Halloween was quite warm if you live in southern North Dakota, but not so warm across the northern portion of the state.  An area of low pressure tracked almost right through central North Dakota yesterday, meaning the northern half of the state recorded temperatures in the 40s, which is very typical of the time of… Read more Warm Halloween

Harvest Weather

Although this month may not have been as perfect as the past two years for harvesting, it certainly has still been better than many.  The main problem this year was the rain even on October 4 and 5 that brought 1”+ rains to parts of the southern Red River Valley and west central Minnesota as… Read more Harvest Weather

October 1-15, 2016

The first one half of October is behind us and the weather stats for that period were not all that bad for harvesting in North Dakota.   Yes, there were exceptions, but exceptions, especially in locations in the southern Red River Valley around Wahpeton and also a portion of northwestern North Dakota where excessive rain on… Read more October 1-15, 2016

Another Cold Front

Another cold front will be moving through the area today.  There is going to be some big differences between northern North Dakota and southern North Dakota on air temperatures, but by tomorrow most locations will record highs in the 40s, similar to what we experienced last week.   With averages only in the 50s now, anything… Read more Another Cold Front

Autumn Dry Down

As summer 2016 winds down, one noticeable aspect of our weather that will change is that thunderstorms will become less common.  That in turn will also mean that rainfall amounts generally drop.  The wettest month of the year is June with a statewide average rainfall of nearly three and a half inches.   July that average… Read more Autumn Dry Down

June 2016 Statistics

June finished quite dry across much of southern North Dakota with the exception of some portions of Barnes County.  The driest locations were in both far southwestern and southeastern North Dakota.  Much of Richland County recorded less than 1” of rain during the month.  With a monthly average in the southern Red River Valley of… Read more June 2016 Statistics

How Dry is it?

As was the case in 2015, there is much talk about how dry the area is this spring.  A look at the Drought Monitor from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln paints most of North Dakota in “Abnormally Dry” or even 25% of the state in D1 or moderate drought conditions, but from a historical… Read more How Dry is it?

Peak Wind February 7 and February 8, 2016

An “Alberta Clipper” moved through the Northern Plains on February 7 and 8, 2016 and produced strong North/Northwesterly wind behind the low pressure.  Some blizzard to near blizzard conditions were observed in the northern Red River Valley and blustery conditions were recorded in other locations with lesser snow to blow around.  Peak Wind gust associated… Read more Peak Wind February 7 and February 8, 2016