August Changes

The ridge of high pressure that has been over the northern Rocky Mountains much of this summer has been intensifying a bit the past few days.  We’ve seen some thunderstorms form on the edge of that ridge, but until that ridge completely breaks down, the pattern of occasional thunderstorms, mostly of the hit and miss… Read more August Changes

The Dog Days

We are currently in what many people call the dog days of summer.  There are many definitions to this term but in a modern time most often this phrase is used for the hottest 40 days of the summer based on average temperatures.  For most areas that would be from Independence Day through almost mid-August. … Read more The Dog Days

Dry August

Clearly the number one topic of conversation lately has been the lack of rain.  Even with the high heat from several days ago I was getting more questions about the dry weather than the high temperatures.  Granted, some parts of southeastern North Dakota into west central Minnesota recorded some rain early Tuesday morning, yet many… Read more Dry August

Future Rain

The grain harvest is underway and the sugar beet pre-pile will begin soon.  Full harvest mode may be still a couple of months away, but with these two activities taking place, the thoughts of harvest are now on most people’s minds.  If I had to pick one crop that has the most potential to be… Read more Future Rain

First Frost

The low temperature yesterday morning at the Fargo airport was 39.9 degrees, which is rounded up to 40 degrees.  That was a record low for the date surpassing the old record of 41 degrees set in 1971.  Other parts of the area were even colder, the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network station near Galesburg North… Read more First Frost

August Leans Dry

August is the driest of the three principle months of summer.  June is the wettest with July sandwiched in between.  In eastern North Dakota the average rain in August is approximately two point five inches.  That is about one point five inches less than June.  With lesser amounts of rainfall, august has a tendency to… Read more August Leans Dry

End of July

It is the last week of July and many are asking what may occur in August.  There are signs that a drier and continued warm pattern will be with us during the month.  Temperatures have been above average for most of the past several months and I think that pattern of temperatures being 2-3 degrees… Read more End of July

August 2015 Climate Summary

Precipitation: Although there were a few isolated exceptions, much of North Dakota recorded below average precipitation during the month (Figure 1). The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) average rainfall was 1.57 inches which is near 75% of the statewide average of 2.09 inches. There were two locations that recorded well above average rainfall, one… Read more August 2015 Climate Summary

August 2014 in Review

Precipitation: After a very dry July, August 2014 was the exact opposite and was exceptionally wet for a majority of North Dakota (Figure 1).  The only exceptions were in some parts of the Red River Valley and the area around Devils Lake. Using data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN), the statewide average… Read more August 2014 in Review