AMO and Autumns

We have had a string of above average autumns since the turn of the century.  We have had a couple of cool autumns, but a vast majority of been above average.  I get asked a lot about this trend and if it will continue.  Of course, historically, no such seasonal pattern has ever continued and… Read more AMO and Autumns


As the growing season comes to a close we are now entering drying season for many.  Those classic warm sunny autumn days with very low relative humidity values are of course ideal for lowering the moisture levels of all crops.  The rest of this week is not going to provide many opportunities for that classic… Read more Damp

End of Autumn

Today is the last day of meteorological autumn.  Autumn is the transitional season between the three warmest months of the year, to the three coldest months of the year.  Autumn 2017 was near average for temperatures with the cold November helping with the trend toward average after warmer than average September and October.  Temperatures may… Read more End of Autumn

Another Cold Front

Another cold front will be moving through the area today.  There is going to be some big differences between northern North Dakota and southern North Dakota on air temperatures, but by tomorrow most locations will record highs in the 40s, similar to what we experienced last week.   With averages only in the 50s now, anything… Read more Another Cold Front

The Gloomy Season

As we progress into autumn, not only will the temperatures slowly drop, but our sky will change as well.  No, the sky will stay blue, but instead of being filled with puffy cumulus clouds that on occasion turn to thunderstorms, our clouds instead will become flat and like a sheet.  In fact, the word stratus… Read more The Gloomy Season

Autumn Dry Down

As summer 2016 winds down, one noticeable aspect of our weather that will change is that thunderstorms will become less common.  That in turn will also mean that rainfall amounts generally drop.  The wettest month of the year is June with a statewide average rainfall of nearly three and a half inches.   July that average… Read more Autumn Dry Down