Briefly Cool

Although a cool day on top for the region, the heat will be quickly moving back into the region.  Yet, this time the heat is somewhat associated with a pattern change.  A trough of low pressure, think of it as a dip in the jetstream will be occurring in the Pacific Northwest forcing some heat… Read more Briefly Cool

A Change?

I had a conversation this past weekend with a farmer asking if I see any changes coming yet this summer.  At the moment, I really do not.  There will more than likely be some pockets of good rains in the coming weeks, there has been in the past few weeks, but to turn this summer… Read more A Change?

The September 14 through September 20, 2017 Weather Summary/Outlook

The September 14 through September 20, 2017 Weather Summary/Outlook  Temperatures so far this month have been running above average across most of the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN).  Much of this is due to the well above normal temperatures of the past few days as the first week of September temperatures were mostly below… Read more The September 14 through September 20, 2017 Weather Summary/Outlook

Cool Soil

Soil temperatures remain too cool to plant corn for most areas, plus, the rains from last week, but additional rains this week will keep the soil wet.  To add to this, temperatures this week do not look all that warm, just near average more often than not.  A couple of weeks ago in this segment… Read more Cool Soil

Warmer is Coming

Although the snow did not amount to too much the past couple of days, these disturbances did at least bring some slightly warmer temperatures to the area.  But the cold air never moved too far away and now that the light snow events are moving out, the cold air will be moving back into the… Read more Warmer is Coming

Colder to Coldest

Colder temperatures will continue to move into the northern plains today, but as we all know, that is very typical for this time of year.   How cold we get the next couple of mornings will determined not only by the sky cover as clouds can easily keep temperatures 10 degrees or more warmer than it… Read more Colder to Coldest

Frost, yet Mild

Although this morning and Wednesday morning some frost will greet some of you as you wake up, yet, overall this week will be warm and dry.  Temperatures will gradually warm with maximums in the 70s or at least near 70 by the end of the week.  The next several days also looks dry, granted a… Read more Frost, yet Mild

Rainy Weekend?

There will be some light rain in the region yesterday and there will also probably be some precipitation today as well, but most locations in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota will more than likely not record too much rain as these weak disturbances pass through.  Of higher concern at the moment is a storm system… Read more Rainy Weekend?

Warmer is Coming

The cooler weather these past couple of days will slowing fade into warmer weather in the upcoming several days.  In fact, some areas in western North Dakota will probably record maximums near or even a bit above 80 degrees on Sunday.  Although a slight cooling trend will commence early to the middle of next week,… Read more Warmer is Coming