Cold and Snow?

Today and tomorrow will be very chilly across much of the northern plains.  In fact, some flakes in the higher elevations in central and western North Dakota wouldn’t surprise me tonight.  In turn,  the threat of frost and or a freeze will certainly be possible today through Friday, with northern North Dakota and northern Minnesota… Read more Cold and Snow?

Gardening Frost

If you’re a backyard gardener, knowing when you put out your flowers or tomatoes can be a challenge each spring.  Most of southern North Dakota is passed out average last freeze date, but as we all know, that is the average, and reality can be very different.  We had freezing temperatures across much of the… Read more Gardening Frost

Frost Season

Last week, many parts of northern North Dakota into northern Minnesota along and north of US Highway 2 recorded either a frost or a freeze.  The weather over the next several days looks far too mild for any worries about a the first frost across southern North Dakota or west central Minnesota, but they may… Read more Frost Season

Dry Frost

This week starts off cool, but warmer air is expected in a few days.  Each cold front that moves through this time of year tends to be a bit cooler than the previous cold front.  Eventually come September one of the cold fronts will be in enough cool air for the first frost of the… Read more Dry Frost

First Frost

The low temperature yesterday morning at the Fargo airport was 39.9 degrees, which is rounded up to 40 degrees.  That was a record low for the date surpassing the old record of 41 degrees set in 1971.  Other parts of the area were even colder, the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network station near Galesburg North… Read more First Frost

Frosty Soil

It certainly is not unheard of, but there is still frost in the soil across northern North Dakota and some isolated pockets elsewhere as well.  Most of the frost in around 30 inches in depth and the recent cool weather has kept that frost from melting.  The warmer temperatures from the past couple of days… Read more Frosty Soil

Frosty Mornings

There was widespread frost yesterday, scattered frost this morning and there will also probably be areas near or below 32 degrees tomorrow.  Of course, none of this is unusual this time of year.   The average last freeze of the spring is on May 8 in Fargo.  Across northern North Dakota the average last freeze is… Read more Frosty Mornings

Frosty Soils

As of yesterday, soil temperatures at a depth of 4 inches were mostly in the 40s across the region.  Plus, there was still frost in the ground in many locations as well.  This strong of sunny days that we have been in since Tuesday, plus several more expected, will help warm the soil and eventually… Read more Frosty Soils