The Dog Days

We are currently in what many people call the dog days of summer.  There are many definitions to this term but in a modern time most often this phrase is used for the hottest 40 days of the summer based on average temperatures.  For most areas that would be from Independence Day through almost mid-August. … Read more The Dog Days

July 2018

The temperature in July finished very close to average or slightly below across much of North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota.  The average temperature for last month tended to be one degree above over below average at most of the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network stations.  With the warm June the region experienced, the first two… Read more July 2018

July 2017

July continued the recent pattern with western North Dakota recording temperatures above average and eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota recording temperatures close to average.  Part of that is associated with the drier soils in the west, but also, it has just been warmer in western North Dakota than other locations based on the weather… Read more July 2017

June Vs. July

June finished quite dry across much of southern North Dakota with the exception of some portions of Barnes County.  The driest locations were in both far southwestern and southeastern North Dakota.  Much of Richland County in the southern Red River Valley for example has recorded less than 1” of rain during the month.  With a… Read more June Vs. July

Cold Damaged Pumpkin

Low temperatures on July 7, 2015 dropped into the 30s at some North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) stations.  The coolest readings were reported at Ada with a minimum of 37°, Bottineau at 38° and Brampton at 39°.   Pumpkin plants near the Brampton station showed clear signs of “frost” damage.  With an air temperature… Read more Cold Damaged Pumpkin

July 2014 Recap

July 2014 Weather Summary for North Dakota Precipitation: After an excessively wet June, almost all of North Dakota recorded below average precipitation during the month of July (Figure 1).  The only exception was a few locations in the northeastern portion of the state.   Using data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN), the statewide… Read more July 2014 Recap