Frosty Mornings

There was widespread frost yesterday, scattered frost this morning and there will also probably be areas near or below 32 degrees tomorrow.  Of course, none of this is unusual this time of year.   The average last freeze of the spring is on May 8 in Fargo.  Across northern North Dakota the average last freeze is… Read more Frosty Mornings

Warm or Cool May?

There are several reasons to believe that we will record more cooler than average days than warmer than average temperatures over the course of the next few weeks.  Yet, the cooler than average temperatures should not be as far below normal as were recorded during the first three weeks of April.  Being below average in… Read more Warm or Cool May?

Better than Many

Although the past couple of days have certainly been colder than it has been, the first 10 days of May have recorded above average temperatures.  But in many ways our region has been the exception rather than the rule in the major agricultural areas of the United States to this point this month.  From southern… Read more Better than Many

Frosty Next Few Days

For frost to occur this time of year, you need more than just a cool air mass.  You also need a clear sky, a light wind and dry soils also help the cause.   Dry soils have more air pockets and more conductivity.  The air near the ground is cooled by conduction, which is the air… Read more Frosty Next Few Days

May Temperatures

If you look at the final numbers. May finished close to “normal” for both temperatures and precipitation in the state of North Dakota, when taken as a whole.  But in typical northern plains fashion, there wasn’t much “normal” during the month.  Temperatures were well below average for the first 15 days of the month, then… Read more May Temperatures