Severe Season

We already experienced some severe weather this week and there will be additional chances in the next several days.  I completely understand why severe weather is disliked.  It causes damage and even deaths.  Yet, at the same time, severe thunderstorms bring a huge percentage of our yearly precipitation.  The severe weather is usually isolated, granted,… Read more Severe Season

Spray Time

June is traditionally a big spray month.  When it comes to spraying, one of the major concerns is spray drift.  The chemicals moving to off target location.  Besides wind, the biggest contributor to spray drift is inversions.  An inversion is when the lowest levels of the atmosphere are cooler than the air above it.  Meaning,… Read more Spray Time

Back to Average

Minimums this morning were much closer to seasonal averages. The boundary between the +10s and -0s/-10s served as a focusing area for light snow today. Although precipitation amounts were mostly light, the snow was fluffy and ended up over 1 inch in some areas. Temperatures remaining near or slightly below average for the next few… Read more Back to Average

Frost Season

Last week, many parts of northern North Dakota into northern Minnesota along and north of US Highway 2 recorded either a frost or a freeze.  The weather over the next several days looks far too mild for any worries about a the first frost across southern North Dakota or west central Minnesota, but they may… Read more Frost Season

Dry Frost

This week starts off cool, but warmer air is expected in a few days.  Each cold front that moves through this time of year tends to be a bit cooler than the previous cold front.  Eventually come September one of the cold fronts will be in enough cool air for the first frost of the… Read more Dry Frost

Saturday Rain

There will be some rain in the area tomorrow into tomorrow night as another cold front pushes through the upper Midwest.  Behind the rain, it will still be chilly on Sunday into Monday morning, but then another warm up is anticipated for next week.  In other words, the overall mostly dry and mild weather pattern… Read more Saturday Rain

Beginning of Dry?

I recently was reading an article online where someone was quoted saying it has been dry this summer because of the lack of rain.  Yes, seriously, that was the quote.  Hard to argue with that, but nevertheless an extremely obvious observation.  This dry summer, as was the case in 2006, 2009 and 2012 has brought… Read more Beginning of Dry?