Cold November

As we end November, we end another cold month.  When the month started, it appeared that the first half would be colder than average and the second half would be warmer than average.  Although the second half was warmer per average than the first half, it still was nowhere near warm enough to offset the… Read more Cold November

Rain, Snow and Cold

Some light rain fell on Monday, a bit of snow on Tuesday. Those were the main precipitation events of the week. From today through the weekend it looks mostly dry until Saturday with well below average temperatures. Because the ground isn’t frozen we will probably generate enough thermals to make clouds either develop during the… Read more Rain, Snow and Cold

November Blues

The word cold of course is a relative term.  In the autumn we find temperatures near freezing to be cold.  In January a temperature near freezing we would considered mild.  In fact, it would if you’re like me be a day we would be walking outdoors without a jacket.  That being said, a cold front… Read more November Blues


November is the month that we descend into winter.  By the end of this month average highs will only be in the 20s and average lows will be around 10 degrees.   November also begins what I call our dry season.  We only average 1” of rain and/or melted snow this month.  Then we only average… Read more November

Cold Start

Many of you may recall that November 2016 was a warm one.  It was one of the warmest Novembers on record.  Much of the region recorded very little snowfall with temperature 10-15 degrees above average.  I personally always consider winter to be from November 1 through March 31 in this area, meaning last year the… Read more Cold Start

Soil Freezing

The soil temperatures are getting close to the freezing point with the colder weather of the past couple of weeks.  In most locations any freezing of the soils has only been in the top couple of inches, but clearly the frozen soil season will be with us soon.  Because of the drier than average warm… Read more Soil Freezing

Cold Getting Colder

The weather looks dry and cold this week.  There will likely be an occasional period of flurries or very light snow but generally speaking the next several days should not produce much in the way of moisture, but the cold will be very noticeable.  Monday morning temperatures dropped below zero for the first time in… Read more Cold Getting Colder

November 2015 Summary

Precipitation: November 2015 was a dry month in central and western North Dakota with some locations recording less than 5 percent of normal precipitation (Figure 1). In eastern North Dakota a couple of rain systems, one on November 6 and the other on November 15-16 pushed rain totals above average for parts of the central… Read more November 2015 Summary