Phenology 2021

The recording and study of the timing of natural events, such as when the ice goes out on a lake, or when bushes or trees bloom, is called phenology.  I have been keeping track of when some ornamental crab apple trees have been blooming since 2002.  They are in the process of blooming the past… Read more Phenology 2021


The recording and study of the timing of natural events, such as when trees bloom, is called phenology. For the past 17 years I have kept track of when a certain species of crab apple have bloomed in south Fargo.  This spring was quite cold until very late April, but even so the trees I… Read more Phenology

Weekly Weather Review

The past week recorded one main precipitation event that moved from northwestern North Dakota into northeastern South Dakota on Thursday, July 24.  That shows up clearly on the Percent of Normal Rainfall with just a small corridor recording rain of consequence last week.   Not only was it dry in the past week in many locations,… Read more Weekly Weather Review

Weekly Crop Weather Report

After a prolong period of excessive rain across most (certainly not all) of North Dakota, precipitation this past week was below average for much of the state.   Because summer rainfall usually comes with thunderstorms that tend to produce widely variable rain totals, the NDAWN sites do not always capture all of the precipitation events… Read more Weekly Crop Weather Report


Many people tend to write down and keep track of certain annual events.  These events may include the sighting of the first robin of spring, or if you live on a lake, the ice out date.  For me in recent years, I have kept track of when my crabapple trees bloom.  A few years ago… Read more Phenology