No Cold Tie

You may remember during our cold snap a few weeks back that there was a report of a -59.6-degree low temperature at the Lake Metigoshe cooperative weather station.  In this segment I had mentioned that it was an instrumentation error as that was far colder than any other report.  Today, the National Weather Service in… Read more No Cold Tie

The Perfect Setup: March 15, 2015 Record Maximums

Sunday, March 15, 2015 was a remarkable day temperature-wise especially in portions of southern and eastern North Dakota.  The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) stations maximum temperatures on March 15 are presented below.   The warmest temperature recorded that day across the mesonet was in Hettinger with a high of 78°.  Although still mild… Read more The Perfect Setup: March 15, 2015 Record Maximums

NDAWN Speed Record

On Friday evening, September 19, 2014 a supercell thunderstorm developed in southern Manitoba and then moved southeasterly across Pembina County in North Dakota then crossed the Red River into northwestern Minnesota.  It intensified quickly and a Tornado Warning was issued almost immediately as it crossed the international border.  If you look carefully at the animation… Read more NDAWN Speed Record