Rain as we all know doesn’t fall evenly across the landscape.  1-inch difference in very short distances is very common.  A few years ago, I had over 3” of rain fall in my backyard, my neighborhood streets were flooded, yet someone I know just a few blocks away ended up with just 1/4″.   The same… Read more Uneven

Severe Season

We already experienced some severe weather this week and there will be additional chances in the next several days.  I completely understand why severe weather is disliked.  It causes damage and even deaths.  Yet, at the same time, severe thunderstorms bring a huge percentage of our yearly precipitation.  The severe weather is usually isolated, granted,… Read more Severe Season

Severe Weather Recap

On Monday, July 21, 2014, during the late afternoon and evening hours, a severe weather event moved across North Dakota.  Below is the radar summaries of the storm from both the WSR-88D in Bismarck and Mayville, North Dakota.     The line of thunderstorms that moved through across the state produced mainly wind damage as symbolized… Read more Severe Weather Recap