Freeze Depth

With all the wind events this winter, the snow has been moved and shifted several times.  Many of you may be aware that the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network has soil temperatures probes situated around the region.  In turn, you can get an idea of the freeze depth.  Because of this shifting of snow, there… Read more Freeze Depth

New Cameras

Last week the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, usually referenced as NDAWN, upgraded three stations in southwestern North Dakota.  The Carson, Hettinger and Mott stations were transformed from tripod to towers.  With this upgrade these stations now how all-season rain gauges, allowing for measurement of water in snow this winter.  Plus, these sites now have… Read more New Cameras

Cool Soils

The cool weather this week had definitely kept the soil temperatures down.  Next week with some warmer weather expected the soil temperatures should make a recovery.  How high those soil temperatures will go will depend about the amount of sunshine, any potential additional precipitation and in turn, how moist the soil will be.  The Red… Read more Cool Soils

Winter Dry Season

The below average precipitation in the past several months has raised many eyebrows.  I always remind individuals that from November through March we only average the same moisture as we do in the month of June.  Winter is a dry period for us.  Recent wetter winters have tended to warp our perceptions of winter precipitation and snow amounts.  We… Read more Winter Dry Season

Soil Temperature Errors

This is the time of year that the soil temperature data from the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network, usually referenced as NDAWN, is widely used.   NDAWN has 161 sites, meaning 161 different ways that rodents, the wind and thaw/freeze cycles try to destroy the soil temperature sensors at these stations.  In turn, you may find… Read more Soil Temperature Errors

Warming Soil

Ground temperatures have warmed up with the recent mild temperatures, but considering we are heading toward cooler air and perhaps even well below average temperatures for a time next week, the release of the frost in the ground in most areas is still quite a ways into the future.  As we are all aware of,… Read more Warming Soil

Drifting Soil

The strong wind on Sunday caused extensive soil erosion.  The problem was the worst in northeastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota where it has been the driest in the past few weeks.  Many of the snow events in March and April tended to drop little or no snowfall into that part of the region.  In… Read more Drifting Soil

Soil Freezing

The soil temperatures are getting close to the freezing point with the colder weather of the past couple of weeks.  In most locations any freezing of the soils has only been in the top couple of inches, but clearly the frozen soil season will be with us soon.  Because of the drier than average warm… Read more Soil Freezing