Last Freeze

As we slowly approach the time of year when the last freeze of the season occurs, there is one significant factor in place this year, that hasn’t necessarily been an issue the past couple of springs.  That issue?   Dry soil.  Areas with dry soil will generally be noticeably cooler than areas with wet soil because… Read more Last Freeze

Windy Times

March and April are the windiest months of the year.  Truth is, we probably never get out of our windy season in the northern plains, but statistically this is the windiest time of year.  March 15 through April 15 is generally the windiest 30-day period of the year.  Meaning, we are in the middle of… Read more Windy Times

Another Miss

Although there was some light snow or flurries in the area yesterday and today, yet another snow storm missed North Dakota to our south.  Another one will miss us in the next couple of days and we will see what may develop this weekend.  I mention this because these storms missed us to the south,… Read more Another Miss


This time of year, of course thoughts move to spring and hoping it will be an early one.  That rarely occurs in our climate.  The snow that many areas got Tuesday, although not much of a storm in most locations by our standards, was a reminder that it is still winter.  Our average high doesn’t… Read more Patience


The temperatures yesterday and what is coming the next couple of days is a reminder that spring usually comes in spurts.  Warm periods followed by cool periods.  We will occasionally get a spring that stays warm, but that is the exception rather than the rule.  After the coolness of the next few days, we will… Read more Spurts


When you have been as far below average for temperatures as long as we have, it is hard to be disappointed with our recent warm up.  Although, these past couple days and even what we are or will be experiencing today is still below average.  Most of you have now recorded your first 50° temperature… Read more Finally

Mostly a Miss

Although there will be some exceptions in the southwestern portion of the state and near the North Dakota/South Dakota border, the over hyped weekend storm in the end, will produced little or no snowfall for much of the state of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  Although we will remain below average, the lack of additional… Read more Mostly a Miss


This is the time of year when we set two milestones that signifies that our cold season is gradually coming to a close.  The first is that the average high temperature now is 32 degrees or higher across much of North Dakota with the exception of the northeastern part of the state where it will… Read more Milestones

Exposed Heat

Genuinely “spring-like” days usually do not happen until the snow is mostly melted off the fields because that is when the black topsoil in much of the region can absorb large amounts of sunlight and convectively heat the air which has been the case in some parts of the area this week. The highest temperature… Read more Exposed Heat