Summer 2021

Summer is finally here!  Today is the first day of meteorological summer, and all forecasts you may have heard for summer begin today and run through August 31. Summer is also the longest season of the year tied with Spring.  Summer and Spring are 92 days long, autumn is 91 days and winter is only… Read more Summer 2021

Better Summer

The spring wheat crop in North Dakota is projected by the USDA to be 50% higher than last year.  Some of that is from extra planting acres in comparison to 2017 and some is because weather conditions have been much more favorable this year.  Average yield is forecasted to be up 7 bushels an acre… Read more Better Summer

2017 vs 2018

This past winter and spring there was much talk about how dry this summer was going to be and drought 17 would continue this year.  For me, I reminded everyone that historically, we never really had to years as dry as 2017 in a row and odds favored a more normal summer for precipitation, in… Read more 2017 vs 2018

Warm June

Temperatures so far this month are 2 to 5 degrees warmer than average across much of North Dakota into west central Minnesota.  Northwestern Minnesota is running close to average, as is far eastern Montana.  Although the temperatures have been below average the past few days, with the exception of the southern Red River Valley, the… Read more Warm June


The summer solstice occurs tomorrow morning.  The solstice occurs when the sun’s direct rays reach the Tropic of Cancer which is approximately 23.5 degrees north of the equator.  Using I94 as a reference point which is near 47 degrees north latitude, at solar noon tomorrow, which will be well of 1 PM across much of… Read more Solstice

Start of Summer 2018

Memorial Day weekend is often considered the start of the summer season and has many people wondering what to expect weather wise the next few months.  By analyzing weather and oceanic conditions in the past that are similar to what has been occurring recently and then looking at the resultant summer conditions, leads me to… Read more Start of Summer 2018

Summer 2017

The summer of 2017 ranked as the 19th driest on record for the state of North Dakota based on data from the National Centers of Environmental Information (NCEI).  The southwestern portion of the state had the lowest ranking as the 7th driest and southeastern north Dakota had the highest ranking as the 36th driest.   This past… Read more Summer 2017

The Missing 100s

About one month ago I wrote a blog on the lack of 90° days this year.  With so few 90° readings recorded in the state of North Dakota this year (and many other states as well) it will be of no surprise that 100° readings would also be lacking this year.  In fact, 2014 looks… Read more The Missing 100s