The Pattern Change

It still appears that mainly eastern North Dakota and much of Minnesota, both the northern and southern portions of the state will record some light snow on Saturday. The heavier precipitation (rain/snow) should be in the southern portion of Minnesota. There will be another storm toward the middle of next week and although that is still several days out, considering the storm track this winter has been consistently to the south of North Dakota, I would not be surprised that yes, there may be some snow for us, but the heavier totals again, being off to our south.

A lot of people have been asking me if I think this pattern will stay in place for the rest of the winter. I do not for a few reasons and have been mentioning I think the next 60 days or so we will experience near if not below average temperatures. Precipitation probably closer to climatological normals, which wouldn’t necessarily be all that much more than what we have experienced in the past 3 months. The mid-week storm coming as we get into February may be the beginning of that colder pattern as temperatures looks to be far more “winter like” toward the end of next week. Hope to be wrong.

Daryl Ritchison