Tuesday Outlook

Just a quick update this morning as I will be traveling all day, but the rain in the area currently will slowly move southward.


Therefore, southern locations will dry out, then record the precipitation in northeastern North Dakota this afternoon.  Northern North Dakota under some precipitation now will probably break into a mix of sun and clouds or at least observe some sunshine.  But, that sunshine in turn may induce some hit and miss showers this afternoon.



Rainfall amount today (from 8:00 AM forward) expected to stay under 0.25″ for a vast majority of the area.  After today, both tomorrow and Thursday look dry, with some hit and miss thunderstorms on Independence Day, then occasional Thunderstorms the following several days, meaning, a much drier pattern that will give the area an opportunity to record some drying.  High temperatures today just in the low to middle 60s, with a few spots even remaining in the upper 50s perhaps.  Still a stiff wind today, but not quite as strong as the past couple of days, but close at times.  20-35 mph coming in  from the northwest shifting more northerly through the day.




Temperatures below average through Friday, then near average Saturday and Sunday.  After today, the next 6-10 days look much improved.

Daryl Ritchison