Where have all the 70s gone?

Our average first 70 degree day in southeastern North Dakota is usually in mid-April.  In north eastern North Dakota usually in mid to late April and in western North Dakota, late March or early April.  So far only one NDAWN station in North Dakota has recorded a high of 70 degrees and that was in Fort Yates.  Most of eastern North Dakota has yet to hit 60 yet, especially east of highway 281.  In Fargo as an example the first average 60 is on April 3.  So there is still some hope to have the first 70 come close to the average, but the first 60 is long over due.  Back in 2013 we had the first 50 and 60 on the same day in very late April (the 25th), at least this year we’ve at least had some 50 degree days.

Daryl Ritchison